Sugar paper ( Decor paper Plus )

thickeners E1422, E1412; maltodextrin, humectant E422, sugar, water, stabilizer E460i, E414, E415; dextrose, colorant E171, emulsifiers E435, E471, E491; acidity regulator E330, flavoring, preservative E202

Fondant paper

Fondant Icing sugar (89% sugar, 11% glucose syrup), humectant E420, water, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, stabilizer E415, E410, E413; preservative E202, emulsifier E464

Wafer Paper Premium

Potato starch, water, olive oil

Food ink:

Water, humectant E1520, humectant E422, colorants E151, E110*, E102*, E122*, E133, acidity regulator E330.

(* May impair activity and attention in children).

These products are FDA approved and kosher.

These products are vegan and gluten free