Welches Esspapier eignet sich wofür?

Which edible paper is suitable for what?

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Are you wondering which edible paper is best for your cake? We have the answer!

The fondant paper tastes neutrally sweet. Rolled fondant is best suited as a cake surface. It is the least sensitive of all papers.

Make sure that you do not place fondant paper on cream, buttercream or on a frozen cake, as condensation can form and the colors on the fondant paper will run. Store the finished cake in a dry, cold place (in a chocolate cupboard) unwrapped (not in a cake box).

Sugar paper tastes subtly sweet and vanilla. It can be used on all cake surfaces, including buttercream cakes.

The edible paper Wafer paper is versatile. It is suitable for dry surfaces, edible labels, etc. Wafer paper can also be baked with bread, rolls or pastries.

Do not place wafer paper directly on cream or buttercream cakes. The rising moisture will cause the color to run on your picture.