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Design your own cake picture!
At you can design your own edible cake topper or muffin topper. Choose in our online designer the desired shape for your baked goods, such as a heart, a circle, a square or rectangle. You can also order a cake picture to cut out. For your creation, simply upload your cake topper photo to our online designer. By the way, we also offer edible cake ribbons with your own design!

Is the cake topper really edible?

Of course. We offer three different types of edible paper:

Wafer paper

Sugar paper


All three are edible, vegan and kosher. Our online designer makes it easy to upload your text, your cake topper photo and a smiley face for your cake picture. What's more, you can count on the quality of our toppers as well as secure payment and delivery.

Create your own cake picture: What occasions is it suitable for?

The cake topper from is, among other things, an original gift for a birthday, wedding or baptism, but also for any other occasion. The most common motif for a cake topper photo is the portrait of the birthday boy or girl or the beaming bride and groom in a heart. In principle, any cake picture can be made, so also a beautiful portrait of your grandma on her birthday and a cuddly baby photo when your friends are happy about the offspring. But you could also immortalize a soccer team on the cake topper, whereby the eternity does not last long: a delicious cake with topper is eaten up quickly. The athletes find it most amusing when they snack on themselves.

How does the Online Designer work?

It's really child's play. If you want to design your own cake picture, first select your desired cake topper under the menu item "Design now" and click on it. Then you decide on the appropriate size and the desired paper (wafer, sugar, fondant), for the cutting service (or not) and for the quantity. This way you could also order muffin toppers in larger quantities with the same motif, which goes down very well at children's birthday parties, for example. Now you upload your photo, decide on the shipping and payment method, enter your address - and you're done. We normally deliver in Germany within one to three business days, with express shipping by the following day 13.00 clock. A smartphone picture is sufficient as a photo. Just make sure that it is reasonably well done. Our online designer will accept it exactly as you see it on your phone.

Why are baked goods with a motif so popular?

Baked goods with a muffin or cake picture are actually all the rage at all sorts of celebrations. There was no such thing in the past. Above all, a few years ago, the photos would not have been possible to implement at all. It's only digitalization that makes it possible to realize such a pretty idea. But not everyone has yet realized how wonderful baked goods can be designed for weddings, for example. So if you order a muffin or cake topper from us, this idea will probably still be relatively original in your circle of family or friends. You are guaranteed to have the laughs and admiration on your side with such baked goods!

How do you get a successful cake picture?

You shoot your cake topper photo quite inconspicuously at the right moment. If you want to give your girlfriend such a cake with a cake topper for her birthday, just let her smile into the smartphone camera and take a picture of her "just for me, as a background picture". You could also use a successful vacation photo, but make sure that a cake topper photo should show the face relatively large. It gets a little more difficult when the cake picture is supposed to show a bride and groom. In any case, in wedding dresses you will not be able to photograph this couple in time. Take any picture of the two of them smiling together into the camera - in close-up, please! If you like, you can use a photo editor to add a few embellishments to the photo, such as little hearts and stars around the bride and groom. Such an idea is always well received!

Pimp your cake - cake toppers as a highlight

One thing is certain: you won't win any more flower pots with a plain cake like the one the baker puts in the shop window every day. People want sensations, and the photo cake is one of them. With our help, you can now turn any boring cheesecake into a super baked product, adorned with a funny picture and thus become an unforgettable sweet surprise. This is guaranteed to put a blissful smile on the faces of your guests at any coffee table: they will praise you for such an original idea! There are plenty of occasions for this, birthdays, weddings and christenings as well as Christmas, Halloween and Easter, Valentine's Day, engagement and silver or gold wedding, communion and confirmation. With the imaginative and distinctive cake design you collect a lot of sympathy points. What do you think, how happy your boss is about such a cake for a company anniversary, if it bears his likeness!


Try out our cake design now. You will see: It's easy and fun!